Week Four – Time to Quit!

Does anyone else want to quit too?!!!
Great, GREAT blog by Andrew!!


Time to Quit!

Wait a minute … only 4 weeks in and I am tossing in the towel. Hell no, I am quitting any resistance I have to the concepts and new blue print building activities being asked of me.

G’Day and happy Aussie Friday

Wow week 4 you have been serving it up.  Had to watch the replay of the webinar just to get it straight and to drop the overwhelming sensation of ‘it’s all building up’ ‘how can I keep up’.

As I have mentioned I do not live a monday to friday 9-5 lifestyle, more like working all over the shop, 24/7 changing everyday and each week 52 weeks a year.  It is actually not possible to follow the model of the class to the letter. However what I can and will do is make ‘a fit’ that allows me to acheive all that is required to…

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Perfection SUCKS! Pt 2


Ok so it didn’t take me very long to realise the language that I was using in my first video was slightly (lol) out of alignment with the message I was trying to get across.
For those of you who watched my first video – Perfection SUCKS – I just wanted to say Im sorry… and here is why…
Go and MAKE it an AMAzing day

Perfection SUCKS! Pt 1


Hey Guys
This was my first ever video that I created as part of a training program and although my facebook page has changed (kind of makes me giggle – you will know why when you see the name of my original facebook page) the content is still relevant to share…. and this is the original description as it was released….
This is my first attempt at a video and I had a (mini) breakthrough – that its OK to not be perfect. Trying to be perfect delays ACTION but action is where you LEARN to perfect your skills. Go and take ACTION with something you have been putting off… you will feel a HUGE sense of elation.
Have – no MAKE it – an AMAzing day